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The Cana Mystery
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The Cana Mystery

Ava (a brilliant grad student) receives a call from Paul, her old flame. Will she fly to Yemen to help solve an ancient mystery? Curious, she goes—but Paul fails to show at the airport. Worse, fearsome men are following her! With help and support from her hacker pals, Ava tracks Paul to a remote Egyptian monastery where he's hiding from his unscrupulous billionaire boss (Simon DeMaj) and a murderous drug lord (Sheik Ahmed). While Ava was in transit, Paul discovered that Simon and Ahmed are in cahoots with corrupt cops to smuggle priceless antiquities out of Egypt. Refusing to participate, Paul absconded with the relics.

Before long, armed thugs penetrate the desert sanctuary. Ava and Paul must rely on their wits and their friends to stay alive. Meanwhile, Ava applies her unique code-breaking skills to solve the underlying mystery: do the artifacts contain a hidden prophecy? Can Paul and Ava prevent Armageddon?

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