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The Cana Mystery

The Cana Mystery

After Benedict's shocking resignation, the world prepares to celebrate a new pope. Ava (a brilliant grad student) receives a call from Paul, her old flame. Will she fly to Yemen to help solve an ancient mystery? Curious, she goes. Paul discovers that he's an unwitting pawn in a conspiracy to smuggle priceless artifacts out of Egypt. Refusing to participate, he absconds with the relics.

When Ava reaches Yemen, Paul is missing. She struggles to evade a cadre of fearsome Arabs. With help from her hacker pals, Ava tracks Paul to a remote Egyptian monastery where the two are reunited. Before long, armed thugs penetrate this desert sanctuary. Pursued by Simon DeMaj (Paul's unscrupulous boss) and Sheik Ahmed (a ruthless terrorist), Paul and Ava rely on their wits and their friends to survive.

Meanwhile, Ava applies her unique code-breaking skills to the underlying mystery: do the artifacts contain a hidden prophecy? Does Benedict's resignation portend imminent danger? Is this humanity's last chance to thwart the Antichrist? Can Paul and Ava prevent Armageddon?

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Tuscany Press, Paperback, August 2013, ISBN: 978-1939627100

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